Sarah Fye


Sarah Fye Headshot.jpg

Actor | Storyteller | Jokester

 Sarah Fye is an actor, writer, and stand up comedian. She made her first dramatic entrance the day she was born, when she came into the world a girl despite the doctors claims that she would most defintely be appearing that day as a boy.

Sarah was named the 2018 Stand Up Comic of the Year by Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville. She has trained with some amazing teachers in the art of acting and comedy, most notably her mentor Richard Kline of the popular sitcom Three's Company. Sarah has been compared to such greats as Goldie Hawn, Amy Schumer, and her favorite of all time, Elaine Stritch.

Last year, Sarah's one woman show Completely Inappropriate with Sarah Fye premiered in Louisville to rave reviews. The show has since played to sold out audiences in various cities.

Currently Sarah resides in Nashville and frequently travels back to New York City for work, auditions, and bagels. You can follow her weird, funny, sad, peculiar, and inspiring tales of the quest for love by reading her blogThe Other Side of Love: Romantic Tales of an Emotional Weirdo.